It’s that time of the year when having a site up and ready could mean the difference between making some extra Christmas money or not? I realize that many of you struggle when it comes to picking niches! Researching new niches is not that difficult.

One reason you are struggling is that you’re not supposed to simply pick a niche? You have to do some market research to find new niches. There are so many good niches available that you shouldn’t have to struggle to get on page #1 of Google. You Must Learn “How To Write Great Unique Content” because Google expects it, and remember nothing unnecessary like keyword stuffing. Write naturally without forcing so your writing flows. Researching new niches is a must, but if you don’t follow up that work with good content it is a waste of time?

Where should I start my Niche research

Honestly, we all have our ways of doing things, and I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said there is only one right way to do Niche Research. However, I usually start by doing some brainstorming. I simply sit down with a pen and pad of paper and I just write down anything that comes to mind?

Brainstorming niches with picture of head with lightbulb lit inside!

Brain-Storming New Niches

Sometimes I struggle to get the juices flowing and if that happens, and it persists I may turn on the television just to get my mind wondering. Then even if I watch some TV I will see niche ideas on screen and the commercials. Once I have a few ideas down on paper I plug a few into LongTail Pro & SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool. Both of those are excellent tools! SEMrush has an entire suite of awesome software to work with.


I’m not going to waste any time with this step, because I may not be sure of anything at this point? Although, if I do feel strongly about something that I have I will do a quick keyword check with Keyword Magic to see what all I come up with, and then plot my course from there?

When it comes to Niche Research, seeing is believing!

I know what your thinking, what is he talking about now? Simple actually, it doesn’t matter if the products for the niche I’m looking at are coming from Amazon, or Clickbank or somewhere else altogether? Follow the paper trail, or in this case the data!

First, I log in to my Amazon Associates account and head to the category listings. After I find what I want, I start doing some searches to find products with plenty of “Reviews”. Now normally, I like to see products with over a thousand Product Reviews. That may sound like a lot to you, but unless it’s a brand new product that isn’t that many. Some of these may have reviews that go back several years. The bottom line is this if I can find products with a thousand or more reviews, and those reviews are mostly good, I know I’m in the right place.

Now, just like with our keyword research I take the name of the product and type it into Jaaxy to see how it pans out with Monthly Searches., Monthly traffic, Number of Competing websites & SEO score. Remember, this is no different from our keyword research for our content. Do you understand why? It’s because the name of our product is the Keyword.

We are checking these stats because we will be creating content for this product, or products for our website. This is Affiliate Marketing my friends, and we just started the ball rolling for what will become a product review on our Niche website and we will be promoting our product. If possible we will get an EMD, or “Exact Match Domain” for our website.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Yellow

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Yellow

What that means is this, If our product is Dyson Vacuums we would try to get the domain name “”. That would be an Exact Match Domain because it exactly matches our keyword “Dyson Vacuums”  NOTE: Before buying a domain for a particular product make sure that you are not crossing any legal boundaries with regards to protected copyrighted names or images? If I am not sure I would call the registrar you are buying the Domain name from.

There was a time when Google liked EMD’s until everybody and their brother started using them, and overusing keywords, as well? Nowadays, Google doesn’t say much about keywords in there ranking structure so the use of EMD’s went out the window too?

Since I used Dyson Vacuums as an example for Amazon products I thought it only fair to use a photo of one of their vacuums. They do have some pretty cool vacuums and those vacuums can suck onto a ten-pound bowling bowl so tightly that you can pick it up and keep it up. I watched a demonstration one day on TV where they used a special attachment with a bowl-like end to suck onto the bowling ball and that Dyson vacuum picked that big bowling bowl up and held it there. Pretty amazing stuff!

I’m sure glad that Great Restaurants is another good niche because all this research made me hungry!

For me, I think this entire process of Niche Research is just an extension of keyword research. Google may not consider keywords when it comes to ranking websites, or so they say?

However, whatever they do or don’t do I know that people still type search terms in to find what they are looking for, and no matter what anyone tells you those search terms are “keywords”.

So whatever you do always do your keyword research before during and after picking niches, and writing content. Do it before to gather your keyword list for your niche research, product research, and content research.

Continue to do it during those processes to refine your list. Find good low hanging fruit or longtail keywords? I don’t care what you call them but it is best to stick to whatever your colleagues are calling them so that you’re all on the same page!


After creating your keyword list you are ready to begin doing your content research. Having all these things together will make your life a lot easier, and not only that, your work will show it too! Developing good work and study habits is crucial for working online and offline. We live in the information age, and information can equate to knowledge when implemented properly.

If you continue to practice doing these things for all of your content and product selection in a month maybe six weeks these things will become a habit to you, and that is exactly what you want.

When you sit down at your computer and start doing your work without even thinking about it you will know that you have developed some truly worthwhile skills. I hope that all of your endeavors are successful, and remember when you hit a snag or you feel like you were not successful don’t get yourself all worked up over it.

Use those mistakes for exactly what they were meant for. Learning experiences! That is what they are plain and simple! We all fall on occasion and it’s a good darn thing that we do. We would still be in the dark ages if we didn’t. All we would know as a people are the things we already know? Sounds pretty boring to me? If we didn’t make mistakes we would never strive to find new and better ways of doing the things that didn’t work the first time around? That said, mistakes are a good thing. It’s all a matter of perspective.

See You at the Top!

The NicheDoctor

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