Even if it’s not your first site, do you know How to build a niche site properly? First of all, for the purposes of this post, I am going to assume that we all know that we need web hosting, a domain name, and the ability to at least get WordPress loaded up and online, okay?

Many hosting providers let you set your site up on a substitute domain until you are ready to switch over to your permanent domain. This is great because you may not have your keyword research done for your niche and product. Once that’s all taken care of and your domain is in place you are ready to create content, but we will get to that in a few minutes.

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To Build a Niche Site You Will Need Some Tools

I don’t like to take liberties when it comes to other people’s things. Therefore, for the purpose of this article, I am going to assume that we are all building our niche sites for the purpose of making money from them. If your not, it really won’t matter? Now, I think that takes care of the small, but necessary details for the building of our niche sites!

Unfortunately, the old adage “It takes money to make money” still holds true here? You will have to pay for your web hosting, domain name, a premium theme if you desire, and any software you may use to do your keyword research? You can use Google tools for many of your chores. Google Analytics, as well as, Google Search Console will be free to use, as is, Google Keyword Planner and many others.

All of Google’s tools are free to use with the exception of several that we do not really need at this point in time. As far as your site’s theme is concerned you can start off with a free theme and change later if you choose to do so? The same holds true for plugins, while there are many premium plugins available, there are free versions available for your present needs that will do just fine!

Further, if anyone needs a great recommendation for your hosting I am using a place I have used in the past and I came back again. Yes, SiteGround, they are truly a great hosting company.

They are rated as one of the top Hosting providers online for 2020! I am putting their banner below this line. Just for total transparency, that is an affiliate banner, and I am proudly an affiliate of SiteGround. You will get a great discount on their hosting. I got a great deal too. $5.95 a month and you can get up to 3 years that I am sure of, and after your initial package runs out it will change over to $19.95 a month which is the regular price. I just paid for a year and it was $71.40. I think that is great, especially after paying $49 a month at Wealthy Affiliate, as well as, WPMU DEV. That is a $30 a month difference, and SiteGround is really running great for me, very fast.

$5.95 a month for the GrowBig package I got, and you can get up to 3 years at that price, and after your initial package runs out it will change over to $19.95 a month which is the regular price. I just paid for a year and it was $71.40. I think that is great, especially after paying $49 a month at Wealthy Affiliate, as well as, WPMU DEV. That is a $30 a month difference, and SiteGround is really running great for me, very fast. Also, their website and tools are nice!

They have CPanel but you actually drag and drop the tools you want to use into place from a big listing of various tools used by us Webmasters for doing what we do! So you actually get to put your own CPanel together the way you want it. This is mine below!

Screenshot of my SiteGround Account Dashboard area and CPanel

Screenshot of my SiteGround Account Dashboard area and CPanal

I was getting ready to start on Keyword, Niche, and Product research, but I just felt like doing some site related work instead. Besides, every time I see a post that someone did on Keyword Research they show a few highlights and then it gets sidetracked?

Now I didn’t mean that as a dig on anyone, actually, I meant just the opposite. Doing the research, keyword,  niche, product, or otherwise, is quite a task? I would much rather go through getting a site up and running, and when I say running I mean running good. Here is a Screenshot from GTmetrix of a PageSpeedTest of this website that you are on, TheNicheDoctor.


GTmetrix Website Performance Testing

That was just run on 03/11/2020. As you can see the site is not only running well, but it is running much better than the internet average speed for all websites.

PageSpeeds are A Big Deal With Google and Me! I Use Cloudflare to Help My Site Speed

I’m not complaining but things do happen on a regular basis and I have to tweak things and get them running right. You can expect the same I imagine.

I mean if you have someone else putting new content on your site if needed, that’s great, because you can go have fun and never have to worry about it? Listen up, if you want passive income streams coming to you all year round then you are in the right place.

Niche sites when researched properly can be not only very lucrative, but they can also be a very hands-off income stream. Just to clarify, what I mean is this. You do your research and find a really awesome product, write some decent articles at least 4 or 5 pages deep.

Screenshot of my SiteGround Dashboard & my Cloudflare tools for site speed

Make sure the site is optimized for search to keep your traffic rolling. As long as the articles along with any media files i.e. (photos, videos, podcasts) you have added have described the product in its entirety you are good to go!

Having a site set up for just a product or two is far different than having a blog that you have to keep adding content to. With little niche sites for various products, you can have as many sites up as you want?

Back in 2011 – 2014 I was doing just that. I had 24 sites running at one point in time and I was doing pretty good. I was making steady money and I was really enjoying it. I got a good taste of both worlds. I had some sites up that just ran steadily with no problems except for updating plugins, themes, and WordPress.

Screenshot of My Cloudflare Account for This Site

If the product along with media, as well as, the articles, is more then sufficient for your visitors, your job is done here? I was really hoping to get a lot more done, however, I just moved this site from GoDaddy back to SiteGround and I have been putting out fires, so to speak, for the last week!

The site should have been moved flawlessly, but something got squirreled up somewhere along the line and although I got the content transferred okay, the media, photos, video, banner ads, screenshots, etc. did not come through? Don’t ask, I have a real good idea of what happened, but I have it done now so why worry about it?

I will be starting another page, of course, following this as we start getting into putting our site together. I am really torn as to what I can do because I am working alone.

I have a domain name for an eCommerce site I would like to get up and running, however, I have never done an eCommerce type site. I will another system to run alongside WordPress. Probably, I would use, Big Commerce. I have seen the system and even worked on it for several days.

I would have to learn as I go which I can do, but I don’t like to work that way because I am kind of a perfectionist. I picked that up from my father, and sometimes it’s not a bad thing at all, but with something like this where I am going in blind? Mistakes will be made and I will just have to learn from them and keep moving forward.


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