Keyword Research is certainly not the most exciting topic. It is, however, a must if you want to achieve Google page 1 positioning from organic search for your niche websites? With, SEMrush Software Suite & Keyword Magic, doing the keyword research for your niche sites you will be way ahead of the game.

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Keyword Magic is the SEMrush Keyword software tool. Keyword Magic is just one component of the SEMrush Software Suite which is comprised of numerous toolkits. Each of these toolkits contains its own specialized tools for each and every job necessary to rank your niche sites, boost your traffic, and assist you in creating great unique content! SEMrush has been in business for 11 years, with 700 employees in 4 different countries. and offices on two continents, the United States, Russia, the Czech Republic, and The Republic of Cyprus.

I have been reading the reviews on SEMrush from customers like the online Website creator. Wix is a web development platform with over 150 million users in 190 countries. Here is a quote from Wix:

“SEMrush plays an integral role in that: “With SEMrush Content Marketing tools, the Keyword Magic Tool, and Topic Research we find endless opportunities. By using your tool we are fulfilling our potential in a much better way than we used to.” As a result, Wix is currently ranking for more than 300,000 keywords and has monthly traffic of over 52 million visitors.”


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Your All-In-One Marketing Toolkit For SEO, PPC, SMM, And Content

I would strongly recommend, SEMrush, although, that’s certainly your decision to make. These guys really have their act together, and that is an understatement to be sure!

Let SEMrush Get Your Site the Traffic it So Badly Needs to Survive Online

I have been working with the software for about two months now. I have been experimenting with various features to get a feel for the software. I’ll say this, the people that developed this software have tremendous insight. The things you can do by using this software are nothing short of amazing. These folks are the absolute real deal, and you can take that to the bank because you will be going there a lot more often!

Keyword Magic will allow you to find the keywords your competitors are ranking for, and help you to find longtail keywords that are easier to rank for while allowing you to increase your authority in your niche and increase your Pagerank by getting clicks from organic search with all the longtail keywords you are now using. Remember, Pagerank ultimately comes down to your site getting those clicks on Google’s page #1.

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Make those meta descriptions so interesting for the readers that they are compelled to click on your search snippet instead of your competitors! That is why filling in those meta descriptions with exact and interesting details is so incredibly important. These meta descriptions are meant to be used as your search snippet on Page #1 of Google, and if they are not compelling the searchers will simply go elsewhere!

I have used many software tools over the last 10 years. I rarely come across software as incredibly detailed and precise as SEMrush. Although I have yet to try everything SEMrush has to offer, honestly, I have only scraped the surface of this software! Every tab you click on opens you up to a host of other choices, information, and incredibly detailed answers to your questions and research.

There is just so much there with regard to value for your money. There is an entire dashboard down the left-hand side of the page just like on a WordPress website. Here, is a screenshot for you to look at:

You Owe it to Yourself and Your Site to Check out all of the SEMrush Toolkits Included in this Product!

Screenshot SEMrush Software Suite Dashboard of SEO toolkitEach of the various tabs opens up to another page filled with tools and various other options for you to choose from. Look at the top of the menu to your left and you will see SEO Toolkit.

That is a little dropdown menu. When you open that up there are various toolkits to choose from. That is the SEO toolkit and all that is listed below is for that particular toolkit.

The next one you choose may be the Content Toolkit, and the options below will all change for that particular toolkit. I’m telling you if you are truly serious about making money online then you need to start investing in your business! Where can you expect to start any business without spending some money?

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I was and still am after two months still finding new golden nuggets of information, as well as, various options and features built into this software. It doesn’t matter where I click because I learn something with the opening of each new page.

It’s AWESOME! Just imagine what these guys will add or update this software too next? I get excited just thinking about it, of course, I love this stuff?

One thing I have learned here at the SEMrush website is exactly how much I still have to learn! I am 64 years old and the one thing I still enjoy is learning new things. I always did love to learn, but since I began working and learning online 10 years ago I have truly become passionate about that aspect of my life.

For me finding SEMrush, was and still is, far more than just SEO or keyword research. It’s having access to a product that I know in no uncertain terms, was created and maintained by people who are committed to the betterment of its users and the results that it brings.

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SEMrush, not only has an awesome software suite of tools for you to learn from and boost your website’s SEO, create great content, and boost your Social Media presence, but there is also another huge feature that I have not even touched on.

Now check this out! SEMrush has its own Academy. That’s right, they have an entire section of the website set up for your learning pleasure. You can use the academy without any additional cost to you, and they even have certificate courses for your educational advancement at no extra charge! I don’t care what anyone else says, SEMrush has so much value packed into this offer that it would be shameful to pass it by for nearly any reason?

I’ll tell you this, I will not be left behind on this one! If you own a business online, or if you are just starting a business online and it has anything to do with websites and sales you will need this product I promise you! If you fail to act now and down the road after you realize things are not going quite as they should with your online endeavors I hope you remember this offer?

Unfortunately, you will already have lost profits and valuable time that you cannot get back. Not to mention the fact that the cost of this software could begin to climb just as everything else in this world seems to be doing, and often times subscriptions to many sites close after they reach a certain number for any number of reasons?

Customer service and support for large numbers of members can become overwhelming when you are expected to handle large numbers of inquires into all the options and resources that come with this software. Not everyone learns at the same speed or level of understanding and support tickets can become so enormous that you may have to hire additional people to help alleviate the burden. When those kinds of expenses are incurred they are oftentimes passed on to consumers?

The point I am making is that in some situations expedience is the best course of action, and apathy can and will become more costly than the money you were trying to save, to begin with? Just get the product and be done with it. For one thing, it’s a trial offer! You would be crazy to pass it up when you can look it over and kick the tires without spending a dime or even giving a card number? I am sure glad I took that free look, and you can rest assured of that.


SEMrush is One of My Favorite Sites, and their Academy Plays a Big Part in My Decision

SEMrush Academy Courses, did I mention that they are free! In addition, there are 19 certificate exam courses included. Can anyone spell VALUE! WOW, WOW, WOW again! I have been studying there and I am telling you this site is worth the price of admission! With extras like you see below, and that doesn’t include the exams and the ebooks! You really owe it to yourself to take a gander at this opportunity.

Keyword Research Course

Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Course

SEMrush Site Audit Course

SEO Fundamentals Course

Keyword Research Course

Technical SEO course

Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Course

Link Building Course

Mobile, International, and Local SEO Course

SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit Course

PPC Fundamentals Course

SMM Fundamentals Course


SEMrush Overview Course

On-Page and Technical SEO Course

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course

Mobile SEO Course

Backlink Management Course

SEMrush Overview Course

On-Page and Technical SEO Course

Rank Tracking Course

Management, Reporting, and Collaboration Course

SEMrush Advertising Toolkit Course

SEMrush Social Media Toolkit Course

Listen to me please, I understand that you may be skeptical? However, I am 65 years old, I am retired, I own my condo, I own my 2017 Malibu with 34,000 miles on it. I live alone in New Jersey and I work up around the beaches during the summer just for something to do and to stay active. Otherwise, I love working online doing exactly what I am doing. Trying to help a few folks if I can, and of course, if I make a few bucks along the way that’s great, but it really doesn’t make a tremendous difference to me at this point in my life?

I will help anyone who needs help. Of course, I mean within reason. I am not going to walk people through the entire process of building niche sites, creating content, doing the research for keywords as well as competition and product knowledge, and not get some kind of compensation for weeks of work! Would you? I will certainly answer questions, explain various topics and processes. Show you how things should be done so that you can begin to build yourself an online business with an income that you can build upon and expand.

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Now, if any of you stick around, stop back in as I build this site up again and add some new content to it. Maybe even turn it into a membership site where we can all work together as we build niche sites and assist each other as we go? I don’t want to see anyone who is seriously trying to build a future for themself get left behind. That I will not do, I don’t throw people away!

Forgive me if I went on about this product for what seemed like forever, but I believe that when something is worthwhile, and SEMrush is one of those things, that you should go after it. SEMrush is not only a great product, but the people that work for the company, that believe in the product and strive to make it better on a daily basis are also worth investing in. Now please finish reading about the Academy and I will see you on the next project which begins this week coming

The SEMrush Academy banner Academy has a good number of courses for your use and learning, as well as, an entire set of exams for each course you take, and the exams qualify to have you get a certificate in that particular course. The certificate shows your expertise in that particular subject matter.

I’ll tell you this, I am sorry that I didn’t really pull back the curtain on SEMrush a lot sooner! When I think of all I could have learned and how much farther I would have been right now had I done that?

I know, no sense in crying over spilled milk now? I hope that some of you truly take a good hard look at SEMrush. I mean really take a look at it. You can get a free account and just fool around with the tools to see what you really think about it.

I have used lots of software tools in the last 10 years and I am here to tell you that SEMrush is second to none! This software is well-coded, this is not. This is a highly thought out piece of software and the set of programs that control this software are remarkable to say the very least.

In closing, I just want to say thank you for staying with me until the end of this post.




See You at the Top!



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