The Niche Doctor is and will continue to be a work in progress. The Niche Doctor website will evolve over time as I evolve in my online journey. As you may already know, the internet, as well as, the concepts and systems behind it change at an oftentimes alarming rate! Sometimes it seems like it is everything we can do just to keep pace, nevermind staying in step with the unbelievable jumps machine learning continues to make!

I wasn’t actually sure which path I would take with The Niche Doctor? Although I have a fairly good feeling about my decision to assist those who want help with building their niche sites.  I’m not sure yet just how involved I want to get with regard to the actual affiliate marketing, or marketing period?

In any event, I will continue to work on The Niche Doctor, continue to add new content, and in all likelihood begin to research starting a membership site!

That said, I would be incredibly grateful to anyone who would take a minute to send me a yes or no in the customer support page so I know how you feel about what I have laid out here?

Should I, or shouldn’t I begin planning on The Niche Doctor membership site for the proper creation of niche sites regardless of your plans for a simple blog, affiliate marketing site, or even Google Adsense or Amazon products? For you the skies the limit, you can do any number of things with your site or even combine several of those options on the same site?

For now, I will continue to write new posts, and start laying out the proper steps involved in building your niche blogs, as well as, the SEO involved in getting traffic to your blogs without having to buy traffic unless of course, you wish to do so?

For now, peace be with you!

The NicheDoctor,