Custom Lowrider with S&S motor and lots of chrome

Custom Lowrider with S&S motor and lots of chrome

This nice-looking LowRider belongs to my nephew Josh. He’s a great guy who also just graduated recently and became a Maryland State Trooper! Remember now I’m still you’re Uncle 🙂

I enjoy helping other people with their niche website problems whenever I can. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t always The Niche Doctor, a guy who thought about others first. No, I was a little wild growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, and I spent many years doing what I enjoyed doing. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it usually consisted of climbing on a Harley Davidson with one of my girlfriends and riding all day. You could say that my early years were a bit undisciplined, to say the least. But, as they say, “There’s nothing constant but change,” and change I did. Did I go from riding my Harley every day to driving my 2017 Black Malibu? Yes, I did, I won’t say it’s boring; because it’s really not, I’m thankful for what I have, and I know that I’m blessed to have it.

                                  “Time waits for no one”

David's 2017 Black Malibu

I can remember buying my first Harley like it was yesterday. I was eighteen years young, and the bike, a 1969 900 cc Maroon Sportster. Talk about quick, even with the weight that bike had, I would wind first gear up and when I shifted into second gear that bike would stand straight up! I would have my father drive down the street where we lived and I would hold onto the door handle while sitting on my bike until we were rolling fast enough for me to jump-start that thing. It had so much compression. That Sportster was a real thumper 🙂





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